***UPDATE ok as promised I did use both these cameras over the weekend. I have found that the cameras sometimes appear to have moire in screen but when exported at full resolution im not seeing it. I do think both camersa are great and those worried about the 5D3 being soft, dont stress, if you increase the sharpness in camera, its perfect. The D4 is an absolute champion for white balance, I hated the colour out of the 5D3 in certain areas we went to compared to the D4. We did a real quick Rokinon 35mm 1.4 vs a Canon 35mm 1.4 while we were waiting outside for the bride ae one point so I will upload that too.


We did a comparison test in a room with light dimmed very very low, so you will see noise but this is about how well it performs under such poor light.

It was our very first play and will be shooting weddings over the weekend with both cameras so will put some more shots up soon.

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