3331 Arts Chiyoda is a community arts organization based in Akihabara, Tokyo. Housed in a converted junior high school building, 3331 runs a large exhibition gallery on the ground floor where curators and other creatives are invited to stage shows and events not typically seen elsewhere in Tokyo. It also offers an artist residency that provides housing for visiting artists from around the world, a rare opportunity to live in the center of Tokyo.

Tokyo is not known as a city with wide public support for the arts but 3331 looks to counter that history. Founded by a group of artists who all have a long history with public art practices, 3331's mission is to make art a more familiar part of the everyday. The former school building is owned by the local Chiyoda ward administration and leased to 3331 at below-market rates in order to provide public space for the local community. 3331 serves as landlord for the building, managing and renting out offices and gallery spaces to other arts organizations, from children's arts workshops to the internationally-renown graphic design magazine +81, among others.

It's a nice place to go for a visit: walk through the hallways to see what's going on, eat lunch at the ground-floor cafe, or have a coffee and cigarette in the grassy courtyard out front. Like all galleries and museums, the art on display may not always suit your sensibilities but you can be sure to engage with something at this busy, vibrant center.


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