The Nokero N220 is a very bright, all-in-one solar LED light that fits in the palm of your hand. Its lead-free rechargeable, recyclable batteries are powered by the world’s most efficient commercially-available solar panel.

The Nokero N220 is bright enough to replace most traditional electric lights, and is a useful light in the home or workplace. Use it to light your patio, garden, or walkway. Charge it by day and use it indoors as night.

Twice the brightness of Nokero N200
Easy push-button switch
Handy ring stand included
Heavy-duty alloy hanging clip
Rechargeable battery lasts about 1.5 years, and is easily replaceable
Hangs outdoors for charging
Simple to use
One state-of-the-art, high quality solar panel
Four wide-angle, light emitting diodes
AA-sized recyclable battery
Automatically switches off in bright light to save charge
On/Off switch

*The Nokero N200 can withstand rain, but is not waterproof and cannot be submerged.
**Product performance varies based on intensity of sunlight and duration of charging time.

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