This is 'sharpened in Premiere Pro CS5.5' version of my 5D Mark III short Proud Beast.

I am not sure the sharpening is entirely successful on all shots. But it helps to give it some pop!

So far (and it is still early days with this camera) I can see from the DSLR video community that most people feel comfortable putting the Sharpening filter in PP CS5.5 between 30-40. Maybe for a frame grab but I didn't like going this far for motion, it introduces to much jitter and aliasing. This footage was with sharpening at 25 and it is certainly too high for about 20% of the shots (like for the stark outline of the silhouetted tree branches against the sky).

I still think the Nikon D800 gives more detail but that camera still has moire & aliasing especially with high contrast horizontal lines so the softness of the 5D Mark III does have some advantages.

GH2 still better than both for resolving detail but it is not full frame.

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