prOphecy sun: "Just so, and again" is a 20 minute A/V sound performance using purposeful repetitive vocals, cyclical echoes and continuous loops to investigate sound possibilities with harmonic and inharmonious melodies. A variety of conceptual techniques are utilized such as affected vocals, a modified theremin, field recordings and small hand instruments.

Vancouver New Music Concert Series: HE[A]R at The Waldorf, 2012.
HE[A]R will showcase a number of local and international artists who contribute to the landscape of sound and music through a wide range of styles and approaches -- from electronic to contemporary instrumental music, indie to experimental. Each night of the series will take place throughout the lower level of the Waldorf Hotel, with events flowing between the Cabaret and the Hideaway rooms.

"The symphony must be like the world," Mahler said to Sibelius in 1907. "It must be all-embracing." With this in mind VNM wishes to celebrate women in sound and music with an all-embracing attitude, beyond the rhetoric of equality.

A comprehensive list of significant voices in today's music would include names like Kaija Saariaho, Sofia Gubaidulina, Queen Latifah, Björk, Diamanda Galás, Daphne Oram, and many more. Despite the greater numbers of women composing and creating new music these days, it seems that women artists often remain under-represented at contemporary music concert events, and in print and other media that complements new music practices. Without a doubt, there are a high number of women involved in sound and music creation who deserve greater attention from institutions, producers, and audiences alike.
— Giorgio Magnanensi

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