'Reality news in Latin', ... so to speak
... mixed with spring and youth. Nonsense?

In the direction of the Helsinki Camera Club (Kameraseura) in Finland and the 'AV-evening' activity, a task was set to use members creativity to create audiovisual shows with a use of just a limited number of given still pictures. This small group of pictures was the one to choose from, and the theme for the pictures was 'Spring'. The task was set by Juha Tiihonen.

This project is one result of this task.
The basic idea for my show is 'Nuntii Latini', News in Latin. With a use of real voices from the Finnish broadcast, I made a 'translation' to Finnish, a translation that 'not exactly corresponded' to the original content. In fact I have to say, that I don't understand a word of Latin...
Even though the Finnish text worked much better here, I tried to make a new translation to English.
And well, for those speaking Latin, this might sound like total nonsense.

Helsinki Camera Club / 'AV-evening':

See Finnish version:

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