Video entry for the Reed Short Film Competition 2012 (

The theme was "The Boss" so I decided, with the help from my wife and our friends that we should do a secret agent short film with a cast of vegetables. The film has been challenging in many aspects; during the filming lots of thread was snapped due to the weight of the potatoes and we had some vegetables rotting between shots (at one point the lights were making the sprout wilt and he was replaced 3 times!).

We exhausted our repertoire of potato jokes and removed many of them from the first cut. Lines such as 'He's looking chipper' and 'Stop waffling' were deemed too poor a standard whilst my favourite 'Keep your eyes peeled remained. Although it may seem like missed opportunities we wanted to keep the script serious.

For anyone technical with a interest in how the film was made, I used an iPhone 4 with a mini Gorilla Pod to film and recorded dialogue with the voice memos app. We began production on 12th March.

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