The day gets steeper and deeper. Your quick tour of the year at altitude with Snowbirds photos of the day and then onto the deep powder and the thrill of being able to ski the rockiest and steepest runs when they are coated with champaign powder. Only the greatest snow on earth and a skier freek like Greg Moore can deliver this kind of video content.
Since 1991, as many big storms as Greg could get away for he has driven the 12 hours drive on a moments notice. Greg doesn't plan ski trips ahead of time unless he know's its going to be a big dump. Skiing a mountain like snowbird over 600 times gives Greg the knowledge and confidence to be a great guide and instructor. He can show you how to keep your speeds up even in the flatest light, deepest snow or biggest white out conditions.
Greg has said he stopped skiing Mammoth and Lake Tahoe after finding Utah. Greg recalls "I was an expert in Cali only to find myself a beginer in Utah." "That pissed me off."
There are so many great skiers in little cottonwood canyon. Its only 8 miles up from Salt lake city. Gregs own teachers adopted him and showed him whats its like to ski 100 days or more. The terrain you ski when riding with Greg is the same terrain the most hardy and most spolied local employee skiers use.
Access to many if the best runs at Snowbird are hidden behind a small gate and made to be subtle to avoid a novice to accidently go strolling into a double black diamond area. A california black diamond run is a Utah Green run. So when it says double black or yellow in utah, you can bet its a straight up and down rocky chute surrounded by treets and branches with snow snakes underneath.

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