Having fun with a little DIY random gate generator on my breadboard.

The circuit consists of a white noise generator, heavily LP filtered, going into a LM3914 LED bar-graph driver IC (thanks ian fritz for the good idea!). The different LED outputs provide different densities of "random" gates.


Random gates -> oakley VCA, controlled by 16th gate out from Clockwork (ch 2) -> maths -> boogie filter.

Chords oscillators were the AFG + VCOb.

Note info coming from brains+pressurepoints sequence via a uScale. Brains triggered from a uStep.


Clockwork (ch 1) gate -> envelator -> wiard oscillator (triangle) EXT pitch cv -> XMIX as a vca, also with envelator envelope


Clockwork (ch 3) gate -> EMS filter + E340
(EMS also received the 1v/oct out of the uScale)


(This little jam is dedicated to Mike Brown (1960 - 2012). Mike, you're going to be missed. I hope breadboards never get parasitic oscillations where you are now... say hi JH for us.)

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