Short film for my self initiated project at University.

I knew for this one I wanted to create something a lot more visual and technique based, seeing as I recently moved over to Graphic Design & Photography.

I chose "disorientation" as my theme, as it was one with many possible directions, and set out to create a short film which communicates and visually describes it.
This will be done using the narrative, the way the narrative is revealed, the editing, camera angles and sound itself.
I researched a lot into experimental thrillers/horrors and art house movies.

One of the fueling points I found was in the definition of the word itself.
Commonly used to merely describe one as being lost, it in fact can be used to describe a feeling of disconnection with surroundings, ones sense of time, and confusion within someones conscious and personal identity.

I decided to base my narrative on this, as the character slowly starts to rebuild and piece together his jumbled memories of the night before...

James Green
Kingston University, London

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