*View full screen 1080p or download the original file for representative footage*

Both 1080p, ALL-I 90Mbit (GH2 is hacked, with EOSHD Unified Patch to achieve this)

Lenses on the 5D 'Trevor' Mark III are - Zeiss 85mm F1.4, 300mm F4, Samyang 24mm F1.4 and Tokina 11-16mm at 16mm. The lenses were stopped down to between F5.6 and F11 for optimal sharpness throughout.

Lenses on the Panasonic 'Clever' GH2 are - Olympus 'Scandal' 12mm F2 and Olympus 45mm F1.8. Absolutely superb glass with a nice feel to MF considering they are fly by wire. Again stopped down for optimal sharpness though not as much as the 5D Mark III for depth of field purposes.

Filmed at Monsall Head in Derbyshire's Peak Distract on a fine sunny Sunday in March!

I've written my thoughts on the blog (eoshd.com/content/7631/panasonic-gh2-vs-5d-mark-iii), here is a summary: the GH2 produces a more pleasing image with far superior resolution and a more organic grain structure. Dynamic range is similar on each out of the box but you can gain a little more back on the 5D Mark III in post if you shoot flat with CineStyle or Flaat.

The improvements to image quality on the 5D Mark III over the Mark II are not with resolution or dynamic range. Only in high ISO performance and moire / aliasing is it significantly better.

In terms of large differences to the GH2 the 5D Mark III has the advantage of full frame sensor size only.

A disappointing update for video shooters.

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