Just a brief description here that I will likely update later. Uploaded a few photos and clips with a little narration along with it. I got in a new microphone recently; a Blue Yeti – that I am still sort of playing around with testing it out to ultimately use in narration of the documentary if I ever concentrate on finishing that. It seems that events just keep on unraveling that make it even more difficult to call an endpoint to what there is to tell.

I have some degree of motivation to see it finished up so that some of the potential target audiences who might have an interest in learning of my story that they might not even be fully aware of might still have that chance. The opponents of the NAT Gas ACT for instance and whoever their supporters are might have an interest in my ordeal and any association with the Natural Gas Industry in Oklahoma contributing to it for instance. This Act has been defeated once in the Senate in recent weeks and is up for vote again this week I believe. There is additionally a House Bill that has yet to make it out of committee I believe that will be coming to follow.

I’m also interested to see any communities that are facing military budget cuts impacting their economies to have the opportunity to realize if my story might be a factor in tipping the scales for their community to be spared the impact. I don’t personally believe that Oklahoma deserves the benefits of the immense contribution that the military plays in this economy in light of what I consider gross violations of the United States Constitution. This is possibly just me being delusional, but I believe that others have the right to know and any possible way that it might factor in if it my ordeal is confirmed to be reality.

I’ve been on this campaign since the 2005 BRAC findings that Oklahoma benefitted tremendously from as you will see in the clips of these recent Town Hall Meetings conducted by the very US Representative that I was a constituent of and stood before SEVEN YEARS ago now and he did nothing but stand by while my US Constitutional Rights were violated. I assert that if my ordeal is reality that they would certainly have known of it being such.

Anyway, this is certainly not polished. Like I previously mentioned – I have not really done a great deal of editing together of any of my AVCHD files. I don’t really have a lot of stuff that I can upload to Vimeo that is already compiled and polished, etc. I may go back and polish up some of these and replace the original uploads, but for now I am just aiming to get some stuff up to fill my 5 gig a week upload limit and try to choose wisely what that might consist of in regard to my ordeal and my effort to reach out and expose it. I’m also sort of learning along the way what makes a good bitrate vs. quality for length and generally getting more acquainted with working with editing these super processor intensive files.

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