- Post-Geneva: Government perspectives
Leaders of the Government delegation to the 19th UNHRC sessions in Geneva faced the media for the first time following their return to the country – to explain what took place in Geneva and fielded questions posed by the media, which ranged from the Government’s foreign policy relating to the United States, whether or not the Government will accept technical assistance from the office of the UN high commissioner for Human Rights, to the targeting and labeling of journalists and activists by the state media over recent weeks.

- Sunila Abeysekera on UNHRC resolution
Sunila Abeysekera is amongst the civil society activists who were present in Geneva during the Council Sessions, to highlight HR concerns in the country. Jovita finds out her views on the outcome of the resolution and its implications to Sri Lanka, as well as her response to the accusations being leveled at her and others of bringing the country into disrepute.

- Returning lives, rebuilding limbs
A Sinhalese doctor from Birmingham returns to Sri Lanka to help amputees at the Mannar hospital. Part of the Longing and Belonging series looking at the diaspora returning to Sri Lanka.
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- A Journey Home: photo exhibition by the Mines Advisory Group
A photo exhibition by photojournalist Sean Sutton working with the Mines Advisory Group (MAG) about Clearing Landmines and Unexploded Ordnance in Northern Sri Lanka and how this is enabling communities to return and rebuild their lives.

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