[Pulished in Chinese Culture University (Taiwan) on Jan 6th 2012]

The work was created for the terminal assessment of “Theater and Soundtrack”. The author, Gogo Yuan, was inspired by the event of nude photos, due to which artist Ai Weiwei was blocked by the authority of China. He hoped to make known the real looks of self-claim-democratic Taiwan and the supposed-to-be-open-to-all-variety faculty of fine arts.

In the work “Follow me” , actors follow all the instructions of the authority, and the ones who don’t play the game are to be stripped naked. But the faculty of fine arts of Chinese Culture University, led by Weitzu Fan, the department head, kicked off a plan of ban on him without disguise. The student (the author) failed all the subjects at school and the department head recorded him demerits and claimed that he was to be expelled from the university. In the end, the work was reported “involving sexual harassment.”

You may think it sounds silly but the department head of faculty of fine arts has been trying to get the student (the author) punished and expelled until now. So it’s not funny at all. Therefore, I do wish all of you would help me to fight for the freedom of creativity. Thanks a million.

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