Featuring: Eric Knox, Timothy Ringering, Ulf Spears, Kory Murphy and Dr. Daymond Glenn

For those who love justice, this scenery is heartbreaking - where too few live on the heights and too many remain trapped in a struggle against poverty, powerlessness and systemic inequality. Sadly, statistics for decades have shown that within the US, the African-American male all too often languishes in this struggle.

This pre-conference session examined the persistent modern plight of the African-American male who continues to fill more prison cells than university seats, who are impeded by fatherless and broken families, and who slides away from mainstream society and into the margins.

Instead of asking why, they asked - what can we do? This session examined the spiritual, cultural and racial dynamics that create barriers to justice and discussed the intersection of church, civic and individual responsibility in standing up for justice in the life of the African-American male.

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