Black & White Rule | a short film by Maya Zack 2011 (full version: 17:45 min.)

Black & White Rule video deals with the human attempt to impose order and form onto reality
through training and discipline procedures.
On an over-sized chess-board two poodle dogs submit to the orders of their trainer while through the use of a Camera-Obscura their actions are being monitored and registered by a clerk in her office located along side the chess-board.
At a certain moment the orderly routine is disrupted...
Black & White Rule is a meticulously designed visual experience and a homage to the art of drawing.

Details Runtime: 17 min. | Production year: 2011 | Country: Israel | Laguage: no words
Original Format: 4K | Screening Formats: Hd cam, Digi Beta, Beta SP DVD, Mini DV.

Cast and Crew
Director, Script: Maya Zack / Production: Dana Kolton / Actors: Lana Ettinger, Dmitry Paley / Camera: Stanislav Levor / Lighting: Daniel Bar, Danil Burobin / Original music: Ophir Leibovitch /
Soundtrack design & mix: Gilad Leshem D.B. Sound studios / compositing: Stanislav Levor, Roei Tsoref /
color correction: Stanislav Levor / Production design and costumes: Maya Zack

Production Support and Sponsors:
The New Foundation for Film and Television / Ministry of Science, Culture & Sport - The Israeli Film Council / Galerie Natalie Seroussi Paris.

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