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Featured - PUPA

PUPA from Eren Kapaklili on Vimeo


[ Spoken Word ] An excerpt from Terence McKenna’s Eros and the Eschaton

[ Video 1 ] Timelapse - The City Limits by Dominic

[ Video 2 ] Matthew Dear - “In The Middle (I Met You There) [ft. Jonny Pierce of The Drums]”

[ Music ] The Album Leaf - Windows

The title PUPA relates to Terence McKenna’s ideas as expressed in the video. History is a process of metamorphosis, it’s a pupation stage.

‘Pupa’ means ‘little doll’.

This is the etymological origin for the words:

Pupil - The contractile aperture in the iris of the eye

Pupil - A student, or undeveloped creature

Pupal - The metamorphic stage of development of certain insects including the butterfly in the chrysalis

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