The 2011 SIFF project is complete and is about 35min long. This is a clip of the first 2minutes.

I may post the full 35 minute version if there is enough interest, but I was also thinking of figuring out a way to show it on a low-key screen somewhere in NYC first, someplace that serves beer, because that might be a lot more fun. If anyone has any ideas, let me know!

These annual SIFF projects are self filmed and edited and take place throughout a year in the Northeastern US.

The footage in this year's final project is taken from beaches and rocks around NYC, flats around CT and RI, Block Island and a goose bump and cold sweat inducing Fall day at Montauk (or what locals might call: a Tuesday).

Side note - The quote at the beginning is a thought that came to mind after several early fish-less mornings of not enjoying myself and afterwards reflecting back at how silly that was.

Music in this clip:
Song: Your Hand in Mine
Artist: Explosions in the Sky
Album: The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place

Song: Underwater
Artist: Bassnectar
Album: Wildstyle EP

Thanks for watching.

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