Taipei city is under attack! From asteroids to giant creatures, there is nowhere to hide. Except
this is not a scene from a blockbuster but a ‘mockbuster’. This Mockbuster Mayhem Teaser is to
attract eyeballs and build anticipation for Syfy Channel’s B movie line-up.

驚險的爆破場面,兇惡的巨大猛獸,屏息的對立場面,一切好萊塢的商業經典元素加上低成本的娛樂製作效果,造就出無與倫比的” Mockbuster“B級大片系列。亞洲NBC Universal syfy頻道於亞洲地區推出一系列模仿賣座大片的低成本電影集錦。 JL DESIGN在NBC既定的宣傳策略下,以看似人類浩劫的驚心動魄; 實為詼諧惡搞的幽默手法來表現。尾聲加以煙硝彌漫的好萊塢預告片結尾方式來凸顯“Mockbuster”的B級特點。


Client: Universal Networks International Asia Pte Ltd.
Creative Director: Natalie Gee
Producer: Juddee Torres

Creative Director: JL
Executive Producer: Angela Moo
Storyboard Artist: Utsuo Chen
Designer: Utsuo Chen
Matte painting: Utsuo Chen
3D Supervisor: Joyeq
3D Artists: Chan Chia, Waiting Chen, Zoe Tsai
Compositors: Showy Lin, Rex Hon
Sound Design: Peter Pan, MUSDM
Voice-overs: Rockid Lee, Grace Shen

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