rockin' chair

(the pipe has been drinking, rnan!)
my country is like a rockin'chair
but I'm not sure what a rockin'chair is
when you think you are back and the thing is going on go ahead!

my country arrived to this world before breakfast time
I don't beg your pardon for my english and my country
this is not a song called last train to anywhere
this is a song about my country
we don't sing singing "aia-yipi-yipi-aia"
we sing ailalelo / alilalalo

there are cows but there are no cowboys
so there is too much milk but what about your milk
my country is cows and factories
industries from the sea
men fishing and women putting fish inside tins
and all the family killing pigs

I was not born
I was made in Galicia
and if you are from a little country
you have to walk away all of your life
coming back every night
as take away food becoming take away love
poets from my country wrote
my country is a woman wearing in rain
but I prefer
Galicia I don't fuck you because 1 love you
Galicia I don't love you because 1 fuck you
we don't sing singing "aia-yipi-yipi-aia"
we sing ailalelo / alilalalo

my country is not country music .
we celebrate parties with pipes, octopus and electric cars
even tropical music
we don't sing singing "aia-yipi-yipi-aia"
we sing ailalelo / alilalalo

I don't know if I have enough insisted in rny country's name
my country is Galicia just in the north west of the iberian peninsula
you can find it in the british encyclopaedia
but you'd better come here and test it by yourself .
the fog, the soft mountains and the angry sea on my mind
kafka could have well been born here

my country is the working class
I mean my country is all over the world
anyway here we are

Tema incluído no álbum JEI (1990, GASA). Reeditado no 2009 por warner dentro da Serie "Héroes de los 80"

O autor das imaxes do vídeo é Xurxo Lobato

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