Hasn't the cloud made life great? J/K. We're all moving to the cloud for the same reasons: to save time, save money, gain flexibility, security, blah, blah, blah. That all sounds great, but the transition can be painful. When it's time to get your apps up in the cloud, they won't run on your PaaS--wrong language, framework, database…. Anyway it's back to the drawing board.

So they recode it all again and get it working on the test server. Then they hand it over to IT and wait for weeks only to find that it's going to take even more customization to get it working in the cloud so it goes back to the developer again…. The cloud had such promise, but now you're working twice as hard just to deliver the pre-cloud level of work. All this inefficiency costs you a lot of time, and that wastes money, which makes your boss mad.

Epipheo Studios shows you how Stackato gives you the efficiency, control and security you always wanted from the cloud at a price you can afford.

Check it out at activestate.com/stackato.

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