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Most video game players become so engrossed in their games that the controller is like an extension of their hands. Because of that fusion, they know better than anyone which extra features would improve their playing. One of the most sought-after additions is a rapid-fire feature because it gives them the ability to fire a video game gun as if it were an automatic weapon.

That's what the rapid-fire modification board provides. What's so cool about the board, however, is that anyone can install it in about 5-10 minutes. It requires no technical knowhow, no special tools and involves no soldering. Yet, that ten-minute installation is extremely robust and it will withstand the roughest treatment from the most enthusiastic player.
In addition to the rapid-fire function, the mod adds a range of other great features to the controller, including Jitter, Drop Shot, Jump Shot, Drop Aim, Quick Aim, Quick Scope, Burst, Dual, Akimbo, Auto Aim and many other great features and options.

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