Word of Mouth: Badlands Unlimited presents Phaedrus Pron by Paul Chan
Thursday 1 December
Diplareios School Ground Floor

Published by Badlands Unlimited, "Phaedrus Pron" is an artist book created by Paul Chan. Originally released in electronic format as a PDF, Phaedrus Pron was produced by applying one of Chan's customized and freely-downloadable computer fonts on an English translation of Plato's famous dialogue "Phaedrus" - a dialogue on art and eros, between Socrates and young Phaedrus. The result is the formatting of the original text's letters into transcribed erotic movie vocals. Highlighting the dialogue’s implicit sensuality, this simple gesture renders Phaedrus Pron into a hybrid between written and oral language.

In collaboration with Chan, Badlands Unlimited presents a theatrical adaptation of "Phaedrus Pron" that animates this idiosyncratic and abstract dialogue.

Actors: Yorgos Tsamis (Phaedrus), Antonis Vathis (Socrates)
Installation/stage design: Andreas Angelidakis

Presented as part of Word of Mouth, curated by KERNEL (Pegy Zali, Petros Moris, Theodoros Giannakis).

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