The Shake Off Twins is : Mario & Pacman
Twitter @ShakeOffTwins

Shot in Madeira Street, East Baltimore.

Directed by Tim Moreau/Videomit

Sound : Thomas Dumont.
Production : Les Films Du Chat Brillant

More to come on "Baltimore, where you at ?" Documentary about History and Culture of Baltimore Club Music.

More on The Shake Off Twins:

Darnell Catlett (Pacman) Born Oct 22nd 1990, Washington D.C & Demetrius Hawkins (Mario) Born
Aug 30 1991, Baltimore MD. Pacman and Mario met in 2006 at a local Aberdeen party due to a dance battle between the
two dancers. After the intense battle the two became great friends. They were part of a local dance group from Harford County called K.O.C (Kingz Of Club). K.O.C was comprised of Travis F. Taylor (Trav), Jarrett A. Vaughan (Garfield), Wilbert P. Davis (Pierce), Demetrius D. Hawkins (Mario), Darnell A. Catlett (Pac Man). In 2009 dance leader Garfield passed away due to an unfortunate accident which then Mario took over. The amazing dancing duo decided to make a name for themselves in honor of Garfield and a year later (2010) S.O.T "TheShakeOffTwins" was formed. They have enjoyed a lot of amazing success & accomplishments. Mario became the "Prince Of Baltimore" by Placeing 2nd at the Annual King of Baltimore dance competition. The duo have also organized And Judged many dance competitions. Because of their popularity and passion for wanting to teach younger kids, S.O.T were given the opportunity to teach younger aged kids in elementary school how to "Shake Off", a Baltimore term used for dancing. The dance program was a great success and opened other opportunities for S.O.T.
Dancing in the Paradox night club in Baltimore battling and showing off routines Mario And
Pacman teamed up with the upcoming artist Rye Rye and an international Dj Named "DJ The Kid". The two
then toured around the world from early 2010- Late 2011 with Rye Rye, performing in places such
as the U.K, Japan, and all over the east and west coast. S.O.T have had the privilege to meet
various artist such as M.I.A, Mary J Blidge, V.V Brown, Macy Grey, Winter, Diplo, Scooter
Smiff, Kelis, Wale Etc. They also had the privilege to perform at venues sponsored by companies such as Levi, Fader, Converse etc. The fashionably talented duos dance style consists of Baltimore club based footwork mixed with various styles of dancing. There style Is very energetic that keeps the crowd pumped, energized and entertained. TheShakeOffTwins have been in multiple videos that can be found on Vevo and YouTube with artist RyeRye such as Bang ft
M.I.A, Sunshine Ft M.I.A ,Riverside Twista, Rye Rye ft Robyn -Never will be mine Remix, Day is
Gone – Phoebe Jean.
S.O.T introduced their first Baltimore club Music CD “More Than Music Vol. 1”; produced by their music group M.T.M (More Than Music) established in 2009.

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