Bimmerworks 12 hour Devil In the Dark endurance race in 2010 at New Jersey Motorsports Park. It was a great event and a lot of fun to be a part of. Bimmerworks finished 6th overall (might have finished higher if we weren't rear-ended around the 8th hour of the race and had to pit 2 extra times

Bimmerworks started in last place at the beginning of the race (30th place I believe) since they missed qualification the day before....However, after only 4 laps they were in first place! The 335 was for sure the fastest car on the track and had the best lap time of the day as well. Drivers Steve Snow, Joe McCormick & Ryan Dunn did a great job setting the pace and pushed not only themselves, but every other driver on the track.

Yes it's an old video from 2010, but I decided to post it as we have begun working on our next DVD. This is one of many segments off my DVD "God Speed" for those who have a copy they know already have seen. However since we have begun work on the next DVD I figured I would upload a few of these.

R.I.P Ryan... you will be missed

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