Pixels 2.0 at Imagine exposition in 's Hertogenbosch.

All we see and look at these days are Pixels, on your laptop, desktop, phone and so on. But now we're able to create and edit new compositions with them in real life!
Each pixel has its own position and color and are arranged in a two, but now also in a three-dimensional grid. The intensity and color of each pixel is variable and changeable by rotating them.

After the success of Pixels on the various festivals like Motel Mozaique, Cinekid, Mutesounds and STRP We decided to expand the concept and to make a version 2.0. Expand the concept and add new functions and possibilities. They now can communicate with each other wirelessly!

The music "As it is" is from Julian Mier and has been lifted from the upcoming EP "Power Shuffles" on Lowridersrecordings:

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