Our most Xquisite Corpse was Gymnos Alitheia... Unscripted and unedited, what happened at XQUISITE CORPSE Open Studio after hours... a Fun factory without the factory, a Happening without a script, a Work of Art without borders... Gymnos Alitheia disappeared into the painting.. somewhere in the heart of New York city's Chelsea Arts District.. xquisitecorpse.org

cast: Bulgarian-American-Korean - wait, that's three halves! - entity behind the camera, London born painter, Naked Guy, Eminent scholar in masterpieces restoration (flicking paint), another XQUISITE CORPSE star from Argentina, a guy from Mumbai, .. momentary appearances from Australia, NYC zeitgeist.

script: after 200 people came and went, 12 hour painting marathon and no script, no money changed hands, no models, no artists, no audience, no plans of what was going to happen, because anyone that stepped into the studio that day played their own script, became the artists, the models, the canvas, the audience of their own painting.

outcome: XQUISITE CORPSE drank all the paint and art was made by all and not by one.

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