Director: Chris Smith
DP: Helge Garull
Client: FRAM
Agency: The Richards Group
Production Company: Sugar
Post: 3008

Tech Specs:
Camera: RED MX w/ Zeiss Super Speed lenses
Upfront vignettes were shot in or near the Sugar parking lot, golf shot at a Dallas golf course. Factory shots were done at the FRAM proving grounds in Detroit.

I wanted all the FRAM factory stuff to have very simple, "tube" lighting. So on an early director's scout I brought 2 Home Depot fluorescent tube worklights as cheap Kino Flo stand-ins. We had the FRAM guys shut off the overhead lights and found angles where 1 or 2 tubes in the right spot did all the lighting for the parts. Then on the real shoot pulled a tube out of a Kino Flo light and lit many of the shots that way. Nice and simple.

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