This is a compilation video of projects I've put a lot of work into as of 2009. This includes directed work, lighting, cinematography, and conceptualization. They have been shot on many formats and over many years. Footage includes both film and digital, slow motion camera shots, and hand processed materials. Music is Aphex Twins, "Grass;" which I do not claim to have the rights to. Just fit the mood I wanted to show.

"All My Life's Experience has Been Physically Manifested into One Button" Dir. Evan Kimball shot on Sankyo Super 8mm.
"Experiment with Projector Register" Experiment by Evan Kimball shot on Bolex 16mm andPanasonic Mini-DV camcorder.
"Radio Active Experiment Uno" Dir. Evan Kimball Sankyo Super 8mm and Bolex 16mm. Hand process with radiation exposed film and acid baths.
"Hand Process Experiment" Evan Kimball and Jason Zenz. Shot on Bolex 16mm. Low emulsion development used, spaghetti method.
"Circumnavigation of Ones Own Destiny" Dir. Evan Kimball. Shot on Arri S 16mm 5218.
"Innocence" Dir. Bret Peters Lighting by Evan Kimball. Shot on Bolex 16mm 5217.
"Slow Motion Workshop" run by Mike Covell. Shot on SD super speed cameras run into Mac books.
"Slow Motion Mentos in 2 Liter" experiment by Jason Zenz, Wei Zhang, Sam Ambler, and Evan Kimball. Shot on a Photron IV 16mm high speed camera and old double perf. 500D film stock.
"Big Muddy Film Festival Commercial" workshop by Mike Covell. Shot with Arri BL Super 35mm 7217 with Arri Super Speeds.
"Ocean Disco at Trevor's House" video by Evan Kimball. Shot with Panasonic Mini-DV camcorder.
"Gene's Jeans" Dir. Aaron Thompson, starring Evan Kimball. Shot on Super 8mm.
"Dasein Beijing" Dir. Evan Kimball. Shot on Panasonic Mini-DV camcorder.
"Midnight Highway" Dir. Evan Kimball. Shot on Mini-DV Canon GL1
"The Mistake" Dir. Evan Kimball DP Kyle "Jeeves" Dean shot on 16mm 5217 and 5218 with an Eclair NPR.

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