Written: Tom Ellard, 1987 Produced: Tom Ellard and Robert Racic, 1987
Enacted by Skank, Arms and Bud. Direction: Garry Bradbury. Wrestler: Tom Ellard. Video Edit: Stephen Jones at Heuristic Video. Concept, masks and contraptions by Garry Bradbury, Simeon Steel and Richard Bolton.

Stephen: They filmed the entire mud wrestling sequence and discovered that the camera hadn't recorded so the piano and all had to be put back together to reshoot the scene. Sim Steel is the guy in the piano costume.
A few weeks later Metro TV were rung by The Mike Willisee Show enquiring about the Community Channel (ch. 31) tests to be run. Metro sent some tapes including Canine over. Willisee played some of Canine and commented that the video had been made with arts funding (which it hadn't) and why would the people subscribe to cable with this sort of stuff on it?
Canine ends with a section of film by Richard Boulton of the derelicts of Sydney, including "Ignacio Bilbao" at the Departure Lounge and "the Mayor of Sydney - One Dollar, One Dollar...”

Tom: We filmed this in an abandoned warehouse. It was fucking cold. The clip is divided into chapters. Only one chapter is about mud wrestling the piano. Less obvious is the scene where I am attacking with an axe what appears to be a dead elephant made out recycled garbage. Milk is being thrown from either side of the screen. This segment was called 'milking the axe'. At one point I play the piano while it holds a plate of spaghetti. I don't think that had a name. The words that appear throughout the clip were written on the backs of bank slips by a local lunatic. He wrote AMERICIUM and NOT KILL NOT DIE and suchlike (but not STUPID, which was added in the spirit of things).
Actually the Mayor appears in the video by mistake. In the music there is a voice that says 'I don't know why I bother owning a dog'. The 'I bother' bit is echoed and Richard thought it said “One Dollar”, which was the Mayor's most common sentence.
When we finished filming and were about the leave the police blocked our exit. We told them we were art students. That got us out of being arrested.

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