Here is a video on my P90X Insanity Results. February 2011, I was 186 lbs. 3 months later, I was 163 lbs with added lean muscle. I shrunk down 2 waist sizes from 34 to 30 and I am healthier with more energy than I have ever had. I enjoy my time with my family much more and am involved more with my kids sporting activities as a strength and conditioning coach. Really excited to be helping kids!

Now, I am expanding myself to help anyone through the internet who needs change in their lives. Hopefully my video can inspire someone to get their feet wet and dare to jump in the waters to become healthier and live longer for their loved ones.

Feel free to ask me any questions on what has and hasn't worked for me as far as fitness and nutrition.

You can contact me for a free fitness consultation at

Hope you enjoy my P90X Insanity Results video.

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