A short film made last summer for my TV & Film Production class.
The only rules were:
-to be exactly 5 minutes long
-include steam and a reflection somewhere
-use the line "there's always another way...a better way"

I spent a few nights writing the script, a week in pre-production, one weekend of shooting, and a week of post-production. What a wonderful time it was making this. I got a hold of the file again and did some further edits to it, such as letterboxing and color correction, cutting out some things I didn't like, and adding some good ol' white noise. To see the original, go here: vimeo.com/24359970

Actually, there's an even more original original, the one I cut for myself- it's about 9 minutes long. I have it on DVD, but unfortunately, no file exists anymore (to my knowledge, at least). Maybe I'll rip my DVD and upload it one day. We'll see. Until then, enjoy this shorter edit!

starring Dylan Ungaretta, Cameron Fleck, and Jackson Reighard

written and directed by Paul Tisch

assistant director Kelly Hidy

edited by Paul Tisch

boom mic operator Molly Levy

title graphic by Constance Winston

cameras, tripods, mics, and other equipment provided by Glenbrook South High School

music: "Piano Concerto #2 in B Flat, Op. 83 - 4 Allegretto Grazioso" written by Johannes Brahms, performed by Daniel Barenboim, Zubin Mehta; New York Philharmonic Orchestra. Appears courtesy of © 1989 Sony

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