shot on 16mm tri-x, with a Bolex H16. Edited on Media 100 6.0 (anyone remember this system?), and ghetto-cined by bouncing the footage off of a wall and recording it with a sony betacam positioned directly next to the projector. i also created the sound track using Protools.

This is the only copy... once floating in the aether, i have brought it to Vimeo for all to see.

the original film remains lost. i have no idea where i put higher-quality copies of it. i dubbed this into FCP5 from the only VHS copy i had remaining from my graduation from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh...

if i ever find a better version, i'll rush to post it.

done for Don Gabany's Film 1 class at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Spring Semester, 2002.

aside from this "film," i have a super8 film out there somewhere that has to be shown on two projectors at once to get the intended effect. i wish i could find that, too.

I really miss the two actors in this. they were very good friends of mine that i wish i could see again.

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