Ever feel like our computers and smart devices are pulling us away from the natural order of things? Then this one's for you.

Mayhem ensues when four surprise customers descend upon a computer shop and make a squawk about technology in this henpecked, graphic video from indie rock band Baby Seal Club. WARNING: YouTube users made of shredded beets and painter's tape may want to avert their gaze.

Created in Sebastopol, California by the band itself.
Official Release Date, April 10, 2012


Music by Baby Seal Club
Conceived & Produced by Fudo, Wizzbang, Olava & Uncle Stabby
Directed & Edited by Fudo
Chicken Wrangling by Wizzbang
Set & Art Design by Uncle Stabby & Olava
Genius Design by Olava
Assisted by Nectar & Milanster

More about the video and Baby Seal Club at: babysealclub.com

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