Terrain Wreck, 2011 represents a world where nature is replaced by artificial materials. When entering this world, one is seduced by
vibrant color and textural richness. Upon closer inspection, one
realizes this sensory overload is created by synthetic resources
resonating our dependence on mass production in a consumer

The tension in my work derives from the conflict between mass-produced, utilitarian materials and highly individualized finished
pieces. I subvert the pragmatic materials by applying timeless handiwork to them. Threading, braiding, and knotting endless
pieces of string and fabric, I create webs and forms that are both stretched and sagging echoing the chaotic, angst driven culture we live in.

When building three-dimensional installations, my decisions are based on spatial considerations as well as capitalizing on the contents at hand. Although the structures appear fragile, the resources I use are generally indestructible. It is this conflict between the permanence of the objects and the deceptive fragility of the structures that mirrors our cultures’ delusional balance between consumerism and the environment.

I have always been fascinated with the potential of mass marketed products when viewed outside of their intended context. I am interested in what our culture uses and discards and what can be made from this detritus.
-Sally Heller

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