On February 22, 2012, The Toronto Real Estate Club, hosted by Marcel Greaux launched it's inaugural workshop to over 50 people in attendance. There were first time buyers, rookie real estate investors, veteran real estate investors, and various real estate professionals.

This workshop featured a panel of four fantastic speakers and action takers with REAL results investing in Real Estate. Each is a specialist in his or her chosen real estate investment models…ranging from Flips, Rent to Own, Pre-construction Condos & Buy, fix & hold. I asked each of my guest speakers to share the “good, bad & ugly” with regards to their experience & the mechanics of deploying their particular strategy.

The audience attendees were in control…no staged presentations, but OPEN Q&A DIALOGUE between TREC attendees and the guest speakers.

This video is an introduction of the following guest Speakers, otherwise known as the "Panel of Experts".

The Rent to Own Specialist:

Cheryl Ivaniski, RDH, C.Ht, D.Ac, Ph.D. (Hon) is an accomplished health professional who has designed and written curriculums that have been approved and accredited by provincial licensing boards for Dr’s and other professionals so they earn their continuing education requirements top continue to practice. She has been a professional coach for over 20 years.
In recent years, Cheryl has transitioned and become a full time real estate investor . Cheryl offers professional coaching (one-on-one and group mentoring programs) for people who want to learn how to invest in real estate successfully. She shows you the pitfalls to avoid and the how to create wealth to become successful and financially free.
Cheryl’s portfolio consists of multi unit properties (duplexes- tri plexes, four plexes up to 12 plexes +, fix and flips, buy and holds, sheriff sale properties, tax sale properties power of sale and estate sale properties, single family homes, as well as commercial properties and businesses. She has specialized in Rent to Own Programs in recent years and loves the lower maintenance with these investment properties.

The Condo Specialist:

Isaac Olowolafe Jr. is a registered real estate broker and successful business owner. Mr. Olowolafe Jr. is the President & CEO of both Dream Maker Realty Inc. (DMR) and Dream Fund Holdings (DFH).
Dream Maker Realty Inc., a new brand of Real Estate/Wealth Management Services, delivers three primary services: Buying and selling real estate for individuals, wealth creation opportunities for individuals, and wealth creation opportunities for institutions. The Dream Maker Property Management division currently manages approximately $100 Million of Real Estate assets within the GTA. DMR employs 15 full-time, and 45 part-time employees.
Mr. Olowolafe Jr. was recently (March 2011) awarded "The Harry Jerome Business Award". This distinguished award is presented annually to a single business leader selected from across Canada, and is awarded on the basis of vision, leadership and excellence in business as well as outstanding contribution to the community. Past recipient of the Harry Jerome Business Award has been Michael Lee-Chin.

The Reno/Flip Specialist:

Jeff Reed (full bio attached), founder and Operations Manager of Priority Management Ltd, has been working in construction in Toronto since 1989. He has owned his own homes since the age of 19, and has always had a passion for design and space utilization. He loves rehabbing old houses and building them into functional, upscale estates. In his spare time he studies Urban Planning, and likes to follow the development of Toronto's waterfront. His work has been published in House and Home Magazine and The Globe and Mail Newspaper to name a few.
In the beginning of 2009 he opened Priority Management Ltd, with a plan to employ his construction knowledge, and contacts in the field to invest in real estate. He bought run down houses to fix up and resell, and kept some excellent properties for his hold portfolio as rentals. Since he was able to manage his own projects, with wholesale prices on subtrades, he was very successful. In fact, in late 2010, he quit working for clients and has since been a full time real estate investor. Today Jeff has an endearment for apprenticeship and teaching our young.

The Buy, Fix Hold (Single & Multi-family) Specialist:

Gary McGowan - Gary is a full time real estate investor who has taken his family run business from just a couple of properties to a multi million dollar portfolio. His background includes working in telecommunications to sales as an area distributor for a book publishing company. Gary realized he wanted to create more family time and real estate investing provides that. My Best Tips for growing your Real Estate Portfolio using Joint Venture Partners - The McGowan's have used Joint Venture partners to grow their real estate business from a few multi-family properties in Lindsay to a multi-million dollar portfolio.

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