Much of my video work investigates the possibilities of simultaneity. Multiple events within the frame emulate our exposure to multitudinous screens and framings in visual culture (from the teeming web page to the exhibition space). Measuring the ways in which we perceive content and rhythm in the present rather than solely sequentially, my work reflects that the moving image has become exponentially multi-dimensional. I appropriate cult material expanding from cinema in the 70’s and into viral video today that presents a wide range of participatory culture. Such material is not necessarily “found” so much as it is ubiquitous. I am interested in treating venues such as public access tv, the internet, and exhibitions as two-way centers for dialogue. Manipulating material accessible through mass media or alternative avenues allows me to assert my agency in regards to the way we experience the moving image in exhibitions (my thesis topic), the way we traverse space through the virtual and the infinite container of the internet (I move windows, BLVE), the immersive single-channel experience of horror (Synopsis, On losing a dog), and engaging in spheres of public and private as a female (Hard to Please).

BLVE uses appropriated material from David Lynch’s Blue Velvet and screen captured video of my own street view traversal on Google Maps, recreating shots from the film.

Martin Arnold Passage à l’acte is a performance that attempts to recreate a video titled Passage à l’acte edited by experimental filmmaker Martin Arnold, who appropriated footage from Robert Mullingan’s film adaptation of To Kill A Mockingbird.
The performance was a result of the creative efforts of:
Benjamin Pearson (project leader), Michael Fleming, Hannah Verrill, Joey Carr, & myself

Synopsis uses arranged excerpts of a co-authored plot outline on iMDB, a venue that requests that contributors omit analysis and opinion. The narrative and Goblin soundtrack belong to Dario Argento's Suspiria.

Hard to Please, a cooking show, uses appropriated footage from Angela Lansbury’s Positive Moves: A Personal Plan for Outstanding Wellness and Fitness, a public access television show in which Alexyss Tylor speaks on “Vagina Power” and “Penis Power” with her mother, and Daisy von Scherler Mayer’s Party Girl starring Parker Posey, as points of access to feminist voices.
The video was shot with: Jasmine Lee & Carson Fisk-Vittori

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