You Are A Loser And Your Ex Thinks You're Ugly // 4min15sec
Advanced Film Production // Swarthmore College // Fall 2011

Synopsis: After his girlfriend breaks up with him, Dale descends into a daze of dietary and hygienic disarray. When he spots his ex flirting with another boy after their breakup, Dale soon finds himself thrust into a nightmare confrontation with a new rival and his own anxieties.

Director's Statement: As a young man steadfast on monogamy with a stubborn belief in happily ever after, I found myself compelled to look back to some of my own distressing dating experiences without the blame and bitterness that immediately followed a break-up or big fight. While I sought to employ humor in conceiving Dale's story, it was important to me to do so without betraying the realness of certain emotions as I remember them. "Loser" finds someone still coming to terms with his own identity and presents how self-destructive that process can be.

Technical Specs: 16:9 // 24fps // HD // color // sound

Written, Directed, and Edited by Fernando Maldondo
starring Andrew Maldonado, Thomas Powers, and Anna Ramos
Production Assistance provided by Natalia Cote-Munoz and Soomin Kim
Makeup by Anna Ramos

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