1. August, 1957. Idlewild Country Club. Around the house. Going to Patty's birthday party.
September, 1957. Danny's first day of school. Grandpa and Grandma arriving at laGuardia. Coming out of hospital with Bobby.

October 28. 1957. Cutting pumpkin. Robert 6 weeks old. Bathing him. November, 1957 -early February. 1958 [no notes]

February. 1958 -April 1958. Baby 4 112 months. Danny's 6th birthday. Deer park. June, 1958. Bobby in high chair. Danny's ftrst time on bike. Baby and Mitch on lawn.

June, 1958. Vacation, coming out ofmotel in Catskills. Catskill game farm. June-July. 1958. Pt. Pleasant beach. Mitch and baby on porch. Bobby in {illegible]

August, 1958. Mitch with guns. At the duck pond. Hitching a wagon ride (Mitch, Dan). Bobby crawling on lawn.

August 30, 1958. Weekend at Green's, Pt. Jervis. Sept. 28, 1958. Bobby's frrst birthday. October, 1958. Bobby on swing.

October 30, 1958. Halloween parade at Franklin School. Linda, Kevin, Bobby, Mitch. Mitch as 'Popeye'. Danny as 'Ghost'.

November 14, 1958. Mitch's 4th birthday. November 15, 1958. Bobby's fIrSt steps. November 17, 1958. At duck pond (Bobby and Mitch).

January, 1959. Danny and Mitch's first try at new ice skates. February, 1959. Bobby atd ~itch walking. Danny, Mitch, Bobby at home.

March, 1959. Mitch and Bobby at duck pond. April, 1959. Mitch and Bobby in backyard. Danny, Mitch and Bobby. visit to a farm. May, 1959. Circus day parade.

June, 1959. At the duck pond. August, 1959. Bobby in pool. Masquerade at Nanuet Day Camp. Danny diving:

August, 1959. Vito and Bobby. Mitqh and Bobby at Valley Beach Swim Club. Leonore and Stan -swimming at Green's.

September, 1959. Mitch's fIrSt day of school. Fishing contest at Cooper's Pond. In backyard. September 28, 1959. Bobby's 2nd birthday. October, 1959. Danny

October, 1959. Halloween -Danny. November 14, 1959. Mitch's 5th birthday. December. 1959. Bobby in snow. New Year's Eve.

March, 1960. Snowstorm. In front ofhouse,. Ride to Bear Mountain. May. 1960. Decoration Day Parade (Danny marched with pal) June, 1960. Bobby in backyard.

July. 1960. Swimming at Valley Beach Club. August, 1960. Green's Lakes (near Syracuse?) Sky after Hurricane Donna. September, 1960. Mitch and Bobby on bikes.

September 28, 1960. Bobby's 3rd birthday. December 13, 1960. First snow -Bobby, Danny, Mitch, Ralph
shoveling. February, 1961. Last big snow.
April, 1961. Bobby's new bike and Mitchell. Decoration Day -Aunt Anita, Robert, Donna.

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13. July 1961. Motel in Rahway, NJ. Motel in Lebanon, PA. Bobby in pool. Grandma Lily and Grandpa, Ruth, Debbie, Joanne. Danny and Mitch at camp. Bobby and Joseph in ~~kyard.
Halloween, 1961· Bobby and Ellen. Danny, Mitch, Bob. Winter, 1962. Ice skating. Spring, 1962. Danny, Mitch, Bobby playing in backyard. .
June 14, 1962. Bobby's graduation from nursery school. Joanne about to graduate. June, 1962. Stonybrook· Dougy, Danny, Mitch, Bobby, Leonore

August, 1962. Stonybrook. bobby on trampoline. Danny in camp pool. Mitch in big pool. September, 1962. Drum & bugle corps at high school. April, 1963 to April, 1964· Washington, DC.

Halloween, 1963· parade at Lincoln School. April to August, 1964. Washington, DC. Stonybrook. Danny playing sax at World's Fair.

March 11,1965. Danny's Bar Mitzvah.

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