A story about a crazy man and his crazy life and crazy beliefs. He's crazy.

Available on my "Short Films By Matt Kieley (2005-2012)" DVD, which can be purchased at plasticflowersproductions.bigcartel.com/product/short-films-by-matt-kieley-2005-2012-dvd

This was originally going to be a Super 8 short, but one of the rolls I shot was faulty and wasn't actually exposed. The other rolls turned out great, but I ultimately decided I'd rather have no Super 8 version, rather than a partial super 8 version. This is digital footage I shot as back-up. I actually prefer the look of the digital footage. The S8 footage was shot 4:3 and I prefer this weirdly-sharp, wide-angle widescreen 16:9 version. I watched this version and really felt like I was watching the true finished product.

Shot on the Panasonic GH1(7).

Watch the Super 8 footage: vimeo.com/61075124

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