A metaphorical interpretation of women's social transformation throughout the centuries till now.
Starting with the awakening, when there were no social restraints(nudity),
women's slow awakening is simultaneously matched with the increase of social
and physiological restrictions.
The heydays of style and fashion in the recent centuries
are all but a mask and corset of imprisonment, without realizing it,
an open prison whose bars are the social rules we have to conform to....
great delusions of grandeur, building n growing and it all builds up, climaxes with a boom!
Women now have more power, freedom and voice like never before in history.
Its the time of awakening, the raising age of femininity... the power shift has happened
Time will heal all wounds... but the scars always remain... Final scene (skin with marks)


As a fashion and advertising photographer based in Singapore, UKay has worked on a wide range of projects with international fashion brands, magazines, and clients from all over Asia and Europe.
For personal Projects that he does, there is always the intention of putting in a social message that will spread awareness of a certain issue close to his and his team's hearts.
UKay shoots fashion, advertising, beauty and portraits for his clients worldwide. Both for personal and commercial.
Ukay is currently based in Singapore.

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