I moved to Sheffield at the end of 2011 and quickly found the local trails spot. After a winter of digging the sun came out and the trails dried up relatively early in the year so a jam was planned during a weekend in March. On the Friday the jumps were still soft and fresh from the spade; the trails were running slow to say the least. Over the weekend the jumps bedded in and while you still had to pump hard they started to flow, especially by Sunday. There was a good group of riders and a chilled vibe, and the first getabmx prize giveaway was held: best trick over the racer jump. Everyone went wild but it was Tom Blackham who won with his smooth and consistent twists, turndowns and a bunch of other tricks. It was a brilliant weekend for sure.

Filming: Various
Rider and edit: Milan Olivier-Recknagel Tom Blackham, Milan Olivier-Recknagel, Richard Hemingray and Steve Artus.
Edit: Milan Olivier-Recknagel

Write up and photos: getabmx.co.uk/getabmx/Monkey_Bumps_2012_Easter_Jam.html

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