This was a group project.
The Raven
1. Film must be based off the plot of The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe.
2. A narrator (played by a senior citizen) must introduce and finish the film.
3. Every cut must be a static shot on a tripod with a flat angle.
4. The character of the raven may not be portrayed by a bird.
5. Every prop must be from the bag of props provided.
6. All lighting must be provided by flashlights. No natural lighting allowed.
7. One actor/actress must sing every line.
8. No humans under the age of 18.
9. Any person speaking/singing cannot have their mouth shown on screen.

4 pieces of wood 1.5’ and smaller
1 mason jar
A sock
A bag of cat toys
Chinese take-out containers
Tan paper
2 rolls of tin foil

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