The demonic agenda is meticulous; it's one reason why they say, "the devil is in the details." Knowing that it's the little things that add up, demons will cause seemingly small problems—all day and night long—in order to create a level of stress that makes you more vulnerable to later attacks of both the mental and physical kind.

One way to discretely cause stress is cord-tangling. In order to tangle cords, demons move cords through each other, which is demonstrated not only in the video below, but also in the Angry Cords video; they can also change the flexibility of a cord, i.e., make it stiff or pliable, as shown in both videos, they can simply jerk the cords around as you try to maneuver them or reach for them.

The demons' thoroughness is quite evident in their making an opportunity where none existed before. For example, after carefully reviewing each frame of this video, I stumbled on what I call more of their "camouflage art." In this case, it was the use of available materials to create Scratchen's eye, which is only noticeable in one of the video's still frames.

[See photo of Scratchen's eye made by demons out of the power strip and shadow at]

The demons do this constantly. Another example of this was shown in my second video, "The Face of Death." It shows the demons having arranged my clothes hangers to imitate the visage of the Spectre of Death.

See photos of what looks like a demon skull but actually turned out to be clothes hangers at]

What is amazing (or scary) is that you have to be viewing this kind of art at a particular angle in order to see it. What's even more amazing is that they do it over and over and in everything they do. It's as if they know where you will look and when, so as to know where to put it ahead of time. This is an example of the fourth-dimensional thinking that only God and Jesus and the angels can help you fight.

I plan to update this video in order to highlight the presence of demons, as well as their changing of the physical properties of the cords; and, of course, I will also highlight the cords passing through each other, even though it should be obvious to most viewers.

For better viewing, you must skim the video frame-by-frame to see where things are happening, or at least play it at a very slow rate.

Also note that there is a large part of this video where absolutely nothing is happening, as the demons and I are waiting each other out (the demons are tiny black specks and blurs that flit underneath the stand legs, power strip, mattress and cords. This section was left in so you can get a feel of the psychic interaction between me and these demons. We are actually trying to anticipate each others' next move by "feeling" each other out.

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