Directed, animated, and edited by Xavier Robles de Medina

Cinematography by Ben Gabelman and Ryan Brownhill

Title design by Joe Ball

"Burning and Drowning"
Lyrics and vocals by Xavier Robles de Medina
Written by Taylor Noll, Jake Ellis, and Henry Neels
Produced by Jake Ellis

Burning & Drowning attempts to find similarities between contemporary Pop music videos, and Romantic poetry and paintings. It was conceived for the mere sake of catharsis. Having lost many family members to cancer, I wanted to create a spiritual portrait of someone's suffering and perseverance. The film evokes imagery of death and the sublime, whilst celebrating hope. We are presented with a human, and follow his journey as he is being devoured by a violent yet natural force. He is transparent, a sign of vulnerability; sitting in lotus pose, he is a metaphor for powerful submission.

We break through the red substance to find organic line animations underneath, which are literally based on cancer cells. By making them graceful and rhythmic the film alludes to a paradox. Cancer is caused by cells that divide uncontrollably; thus through growth comes death.

Burning & Drowning is a celebration of the contradiction that is life.

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