Wanting to show Michigan alumni and students that small donations can make a big difference, we created Lenny Labelman. This lovable, yet somewhat eccentric character travels all around campus, labeling each and every donation - no matter how small - to show his appreciation towards all gifts made to the University of Michigan.

Shot over the course of a week, we made sure to capture the extent to which small gifts make a difference by placing Lenny in a variety of often comedic circumstances. From an IM basketball game to a simple bus ride, Lenny's Michigan fanny pack and visor seem to pop up just about everywhere on campus.

Special thanks to all those who came out to be a part of the production, especially Mike Traicoff. This piece wouldn't have gotten laughs without our extras' priceless reactions and Mike who donned the classic Michigan sweater vest, visor, and fanny pack in the rain and snow just to place some plaques.


Client: The University of Michigan Office of Development

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