Ever wonder where all those lunchtime to-­‐go containers end up? So did we. Turns out that in the U.S., 93 percent of plastics do not end up in the recycling bin1— they head for the landfill. If you think about all the people in your town who (just like us!) have been ordering their salads, sushi, and sandwiches to-­‐go in a plastic container each and every day...it adds up to a staggering amount of waste!

On April 20 let's celebrate lunchtime -- that magical break in the middle of your busy day that (when it happens!) fills your belly and rests your brain. The Day of Action will be a party. There will be music, art, information, and action inspiring all of us with a new possibility for our lunch, our city, and our world. Helping the environment has never been so easy. (Duh, why didn't we start doing this sooner?)

The Lunchbox Project is about our community. Celebrate an obvious, awesome idea with those around you by telling your friends, family, co-­‐workers, and favorite restaurants. Enjoy doing something simple, fun, and good together. And depending on where you order from, pretty tasty too!


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