‘The Body Adorned’ at the Horniman considers how the movement of people, objects and ideas influenced London dress in the past and explores body adornment in today’s world city of London.

The brief for the installation was to create a piece that made the visitor reflect on how we navigate London; how we choose what we wear and how we respond to other people.

We filmed a series of portraits across 4 contrasting areas of London: The City, Chelsea, Brick Lane and Peckham, asking each person why they dress as they do. We then invited everyone featured to watch all the other portraits online and give their impressions of what they saw.

From the resulting recordings, we created a surround sound installation that brings to life the internal dialogue we all share as we navigate the streets of London.

The installation represents an anthropology of dress in London that sits at the heart of the exhibition.

Creative Direction: Christopher Thomas Allen & James Price

Producer: Alice Ceresole

Camera: Christopher Thomas Allen, Simon Bertheux, Tim Cowie & James Price

Editor: James Price

Motion Graphics: Simon Bertheux, Tim Cowie & Ivan Gomez-Espana

Sound Design: Tim Cowie

Production Assistant: Jaha Browne
Assistant Editors: Simon Bertheux, Tim Cowie
Camera Assistants: Jaha Browne, Thomas Buttery, Francesca Casilli,, Jai Rafferty, Babis Tsoutsas, Cameron Wauchope & Bea Wilson

© The Light Surgeons 2012

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