Creation of the time-lapse documentary 'Salvage of the Costa Concordia'

Follow the salvage operations of the Costa Concordia live

GIGLIO PORTO, Italy, 20120522 - At the 13th of january 2012 the cruise vessel 'Costa Concordia' shipwrecked on the clips of the Italian island of Isola del Giglio. The vessel currently lies within 30 feet (10 meters) of the coast of this beautiful island. It will need to be salvaged on the spot. With her documentary 'the Last Salute' Prorama will document the entire salvage operations of the 'Costa Concordia' in a unique way.

Part of our project is publishing a live camera feed:

Prorama was able to negotiate with the Italian authorities about the placement of her camera's throughout the entire salvage operations at the best spot on the Island. The foundation for the documentary 'The Last Salute' (working title) consists of time-lapse imagery (*) which will be combined to form a movie.

This will not be first of such operations for Prorama, which specializes in documenting unique events. One of her clients is the 'Noord Zuid lijn' in Amsterdam - the multi billion dollar metro line that is being created beneath the monumental city. Prorama is confident that the experience in filming events will help create a unique documentary depicting the salvage operations of the 'Costa Concordia'.

Creating a time-lapse (*) movie showing the entire second fase of the salvage of the 'Costa Concordia'. The working title for this documentary is: 'The Last Salute'.

(*) Time-lapse: A technique to take photographs at set intervals to document changes that happen slowly in time. The result can be played as a movie. Watching time-lapse movies is fascinating.

March 8th - March 10th 2012: Prorama has visited the Italian island to negotiate with the Italian authorities and make the necessary preparations for this unique project.
March 9th - May 12th 2012: Prorama has visited the island for a second time in order to place the time-lapse equipment and create the live feed.

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