Taken from the Tall Firs new album, ‘Out of It And In to It’ - out now on ATP Recordings.

The record, their third album, sees the core duo of Aaron Mullan and Dave Mies return to their guitar duo origins, echoing the desolate spaces and warm places introduced on their debut 'Tall Firs', at the same time capturing a spirit of adventure and brutal honesty not seen by them to date.

To celebrate the first single, 'Crooked Smiles' which is about ATP, we invited fans who had footage from past ATP festivals to submit video they have taken there.

Aaron Mullen on 'Crooked Smiles'; "I've been to a lot of ATP's (20 +?) and one of my favorite things is watching people pile in on the first day. What's better than seeing smiling girls in their first-day-of-ATP outfits, laughing with their crew, literally staggering under the weight of the beer they intend to pound right fucking now? It's so optimistic I could lose my shit. And then later you see the same people 5 gigs and 1000 brews later staggering again, but now they're alone in the dark and rain, still smiling in the midnight shadow of the Butlin's tabernacle, searching for one more good time. Sorry, I'm a sap, but even the thought brings a tear to my eye."

Thank you to Robert Davies, Peter Lloyd, Alistair Lax, Jake Robertson and Rebecca Van Prooyen for the footage submitted!

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